I've learned that the quest to be the "perfect parent" is so overrated. I believe that when we choose to be imperfect, we welcome vulnerability. From vulnerability comes connection, joy, creativity, and the ability to love & feel compassion for ourselves and others. In turn, we are modeling to our children what it means to live 

In this space, you can welcome imperfection with open arms knowing that I am in your corner, and that things are going to get better.

I'm Hayley.

hey you!

mama, hype-woman, DESSERT AFICIONADO, RECOVERING PERFECTIONIST, & LOVER OF all things attachment science.  


client love

hayley didn't make me feel bad about my parenting struggles,
and she validated my feelings.

I highly recommend hayley. she was kind, relatable, and thorough. our session started right on time, she utilized the full hour, and she explored my parenting challenges with no judgment.
following our session, she promptly sent me a detailed and achievable plan tailored specifically to my family - and it worked!
i was incredibly satisfied with her service and would
recommend her to anyone" - Carmen

I take you from feeling hopeless in your parenting struggles, to seeing positive change in your child, and having                            in what you’re doing.


you ready? Let's go!

I get it. The daily pressure and stress to do right by our kids is so real. Let me take some of that pressure off. I’m a helper by nature, and am so passionate about thriving parent/child relationships.

As a bereaved mom and toddler mama, I know how guilt and past experiences can affect how we parent, and how important positive intentional parenting is to the parent/child relationship.

When you trust me with your child’s sleep, behaviour, and development, you can expect a healthier, happier parent/child relationship as soon as you start implementing the skills and strategies that I teach you.
I pride myself in creating a safe space. There is no shame in seeking help when parenting gets tough. My work is entirely free of judgment, and I leave you with a customized plan so you aren’t ever left wondering what steps to take next.

Your situation can turn around faster than you think!

We don’t need to see ourselves in “crisis” when seeking help. Sometimes we just need a few tools to get back on the right path.

show me how!

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I help you create the powerful relationship with your child you thought was out of reach.

       fter the death of my mom when I was young, I was drawn towards learning more about the parent/child relationship, and how attachment develops. I threw myself into everything that helped me understand more, and I always loved working with kids. So I earned my Bachelor of Human Ecology, and specialized in Child & Adolescent Development. Then I dove into a Master of Science in Child Development. Then I got certified as a Child Sleep Consultant through the renowned Family Sleep Institute where I completed over 250 hours of training. It was during this time I realized just how imperative adequate sleep is to a child’s wellbeing, and the family as a whole. I am also a Certified Child Behaviour Specialist, trained by my mentor - Sharyn Timerman, and sit on The Early Years faculty. 

I love to listen and dive deep when it comes to my clients’ struggles. Give me alllll the details! As a parent myself, I know full well that the last thing you need when you’re in a sticky situation are more feelings of shame, judgment, and hopelessness. That’s not how we do it around here!

Before launching Hayley the Parent Coach, you could have found me studying for each of my degrees, taking additional training on child behaviour and mental wellness, or in my kitchen baking up a storm for my macaron business.
After launching Hayley the Parent Coach, I have taken all of my education and expertise to bridge the gap I’ve seen between struggling families, and attainable help that can be put into practice right away.


I get to witness this transformation between parents and children every day, and I love being an instrument in helping parents feel confident in embracing teachable moments, giving life to learning, and finding creative ways to set rules and boundaries while keeping the dignity of our kids intact.

I believe in fair and respectful parenting, and have seen how well this approach can turn things around for parents and their kids. It lights me up every time!


master of science, child development
bachelor of human ecology, child development
certified child behaviour specialist
certified pediatric sleep consultant

university of manitoba

the early years
the family sleep institute

Hayley the Parent Coach exists to create calm in crisis for parents and children, and provide practical tools to support and teach our children to be kind, brave, and compassionate decision makers for life.

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