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2-6 years

7-12 years

Hey mama, come sit in my virtual living room, grab a *hot* latte, and cozy up. I'm glad you're here!

you're likely here because your child isn't sleeping and neither are you. you're exhausted and aren't sure how long you're able to keep going like this.

maybe you struggle every day to get your child to sleep and once you do, you can't relax because their sleep is unpredictable - how long will they sleep this time? 30 minutes? a few hours? you don't know.

the endless rocking and shushing lasts longer than their nap does once you finally get them to sleep. 

maybe you've thought about reaching out for sleep help before but you're worried about the impact it may have on the connection and trust you're building with your child.

maybe traditional sleep training approaches don't align with your values. 

whatever it is holding you back from making a change, think about where you could be in a few weeks time.

putting your baby to bed at 6 pm and sitting down to relax and do your thing knowing that they are getting the sleep they need. it will feel like a new beginning, and i so want that for you.

be rest assured that it IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START. I WILL MEET YOU WHERE YOU'RE AT, PROVIDE YOU WITH THE SUPPORT & KNOWLEDGE you need, & THE BEST PART - TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT. YOU WILL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO in those hard moments and respond with calm confidence knowing you're moving in the right direction.

no matter how i may support you, my work is guided by attachment science and my training in child development. your relationship and connection with your child always comes first.


Newborn Sleep Session

this is perfect for me!

Newborn Sleep Session is perfect if you or your partner are currently in the last trimester of pregnancy or if you've recently brought your newborn home, and you want helpful, evidence-based info with none of the fluff.    
Here's what you'll learn:

- What is normal newborn sleep

- About Attachment theory & the building blocks of fostering a secure attachment from birth 

- That you are the expert on your baby. You'll learn to feel empowered by your intuition and confidently quiet the opinions of others 

- The developmental signs your baby is ready for an earlier bedtime & routine

- Discover your baby's sleepy cues

- Create the optimal sleep environment

- How to develop a healthy sleep foundation 

- What "sleep regressions" are & how to get through them!


family intake form

60 mins consultation

newborn SLEEP cheat sheet

1 email exchange


what's included:

an attachment-focused approach to sleep for your newborn

newborn sleep

0-4 months

Fourth Trimester Wellness Visit

the fourth trimester is a beautiful, emotional & vulnerable time. It's also hard. TRUST THAT YOU ARE THE MAMA YOUR BABY NEEDS, AND YOU'RE DOING AN INCREDIBLE JOB. 

If sleep for your baby has become overwhelming and you need expert advice & support, i offer 60 mins in-person home visits. During my visit, i can see your baby in real time, and we can use the hour however you need. I will answer your questions, do a sleep environment check, assess wake windows/sleepy cues, go over soothing methods, & give you the support and reassurance you need. no need to try to remember anything we talked about - Each visit is followed up with a detailed recap of our visit for you to reference.

if you need to eat or fold laundry during our visit, or just wish to sit down and feed or hold your baby, you do your thing! Your comfort during the visit is my priority.  


schedule a visit

baby sleep

4-24 months

Baby Sleep Support

1. family intake form

2. 60 mins consultation

3. custom sleep plan

4. daily sleep log

*two weeks of daily text/email support starts when you begin the plan! 
*2-20 mins check in calls.

Plus, my bonus play guide!


what's included:

let's get some sleep!

An attachment-focused approach
to sleep for your baby or toddler

The Baby Sleep Support option will take your child from a short-napper-overnight-
to a well-rested, happy baby, who naps consistently, goes
down for the night with ease (only waking to feed), & wakes up after the crack of
dawn ready to start the day!  

You know the importance of sleep for your child's growth and development, and that great sleep can improve behaviour, appetite, mood, and increases the energy that babies need to play and explore - dare I say, independently? Cue the hot coffee!
On top of that, when we help shape a child's sleep in a responsive needs-based way, we are building trust and connection, and confidence around sleep. 

If you suspect your baby isn't getting the quality restorative sleep they need, let me show you how better sleep is just a few days away.

*This support option is for babies and toddlers 6 months to 24 months old, who are sleeping in a bassinet or crib.

Designed for parents of children who are 6 months to 5 years old, who want expert sleep advice to make changes with confidence and get sleep back on track. 

+ Nap transitions + attachment and sleep + post-vacation + schedule changes + sleep after illness + welcoming a new sibling + question is off limits! 

For parents who don't need a full sleep support plan.

$69 - 30 MINUTE (1-2 QUESTIONS)
$109 - 60 MINUTE (3-4 QUESTIONS)

Sleep Tune-Up

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We can’t thank Hayley enough for her help and for giving our family our much needed sleep and life back. We engaged Hayley when our twins were around 5 months adjusted age, and she created a customized plan and approach based on her assessment during our intake call. The plan and approach was flexible and allowed us the opportunity to respond to our kids in a way we were comfortable with. Through her coaching, support and guidance, our kids have transitioned to their own room, are sleeping in separate cribs and have learned to fall asleep independently. Hayley helped us stay calm and consistent, and the twins have progressed in leaps and bounds over the last 4 weeks. The experience has been wonderful and she was always available to answer questions and provide recommendations with care and compassion. We have well rested and happier kids because of Hayley, and we highly recommend her and her services to anyone who is looking for sleep help!

“Hayley helped us stay calm and consistent, and the twins have progressed in leaps & bounds over the last 4 weeks. The experience has been wonderful."

- sonja

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